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The Ties That Bind Job 'Verse

In this universe, Faith Lehane is Nathan Ford's biological daughter, fathered when he was sixteen years old. This fact is unknown to either of them at the start of "The Ties That Bind Job". Despite the expected difficulties of forging a parent-child relationship at this stage of their lives, both of them are extremely happy about this turn of events.

Faith's ongoing involvement with the Leverage crew has led to a "friends with benefits" type of relationship with Eliot Spencer. In this 'Verse, Eliot has recently discovered that his twin brother Lindsey McDonald arranged to have his strength and stamina demonically enhanced (go ahead - rewatch "The Maltese Falcon Job" and tell me it's that much of a stretch!) - all without Eliot's knowledge or consent.

Nate discovers Eliot and Faith's involvement upon his release from prison. He does not approve, but recognizes that Faith is a grown woman and they are well past the point where he can dictate her choices.

Eliot fascinates Faith. The reverse is true, but Eliot is slightly more cautious of fully committing to anything, owing to the fact that he fully recognizes Faith is insane.

Days Lost 1827 words PG. Nate, Faith, pre-series. During his seminary days, Nate does an internship at The Belmont Center, a hospital/institution for troubled teenagers. He runs into a girl who reminds him of somebody he lost years ago.

The Ties That Bind Job 40284 words PG-13. Leverage Team, Faith, Angel. The epic that started it all. While investigating a drug ring in South Boston, Angel and Faith cross paths with the Leverage team. Mistaken identities and shared pasts lead to both sides teaming up to take down the bad guys. Along the way, the team learns about vampires, and the Eliot!Whump escalates well into the red zone.

Co-Authored with [ profile] hickumu.

I Can Explain 1471 words G. Nate and Maggie. Following the events of "The Ties That Bind Job", Nate realizes there is somebody else in his life that needs to know about the new addition to his life. Primarily written as a character study.

The Father Confesses 603 words PG-13. Nate and Father Paul. After discovering that Faith is his biological daughter, Nate goes to confront an old friend about keeping the secret.

The You're Welcome Job (Please note, link goes to Authored by [ profile] hickumu - this is probably the most directly out of canon piece in the 'Verse. The Powers That Be resurrect Lindsey McDonald to help get Nate out of jail and back in the game.

The fact that Eliot is able to gain some closure from the experience is a definite side benefit.

Leverage team plus Lindsey - PG-13.

Six Months is a Long Time 3174 words. PG-13. Faith/Eliot and Nate. Set immediately after "The Jailhouse Job". Nate has to face the reality that his life has changed, and he can't go back to being the "functioning alcoholic" he once believed himself to be.

Heavy angst - potentially triggery for discussion of alcoholism.

Family Drama 1649 words PG Nate, Eliot, Parker. Having been stonewalled by Faith in his attempt to derail Faith and Eliot's budding relationship, Nate turns to Eliot. Parker has a brief appearance as the Greek Chorus of the piece.

The Gift 1706 words PG-13. Primarily a Faith/Eliot piece, although the point of the story is another step in Nate and Faith's relationship.

Set early in S3.

Ace In The Hole 10282 words R. Set post-"The Scheherazade Job". Nate tries to use Faith to get a jump on the Italian, with predictably disastrous results. Team fic, with guest appearances by Buffy, Willow and Giles.

Perspective 1489 words PG. Sophie, Eliot, Giles. Set just following the events of "Ace in the Hole". Sophie and Giles take a break from the drama and talk about Nate and Faith's relationship. Eliot arrives in the cafeteria, and once Giles leaves Sophie challenges his tendency to repress his own feelings about the Slayer.

In My Father's Eyes 4850 words R. Set mid to late S3. Faith/Eliot, Nate, Sophie, Jimmy Ford Faith unexpectedly crosses paths with another member of her family. Nate doesn't handle it well. Eliot and Sophie are left trying to pick up the pieces.

Warning for intense sexual aggression on Faith's part against Eliot.

Some Things Are Just Wrong G. 906 words. Nate, Eliot, Cory. Set during the end of "The Underground Job". Eliot struggles with the realization that he has a deeper, more personal connection with the mining community than he ever could have imagined.

A Different Sort of Trust 1376 words. NC-17. Faith/Eliot. Starts off as an examination of exactly why Faith and Eliot don't trust each other...ends up in sex.

The End of Days Job Co-authored with [ profile] hickumu 53,275 words. R. Team, Faith, Lindsey McDonald. Written for the 2010 Big Bang Job. The Team struggles to resist the pull of old loyalties and past misdeeds, as Wolfram & Hart arrives in Boston with an offer Eliot can't resist.

Witness 985 words, PG-13. Faith and Hardison. Faith tries to mend fences with Hardison in the aftermath of The End of Days Job, only to find that his fear isn't as baseless as she'd hoped.

For Now 731 words, PG-13. Nate/Sophie. Sophie confronts Nate's inability to deal with the fallout of a particularly unusual vampire attack.

Knowing Too Much 2506 words, PG-13. Team + Faith. Nate and the team discover that the after-effects of a vampire attack can be far reaching.

Wishes Coming True 1908 words. NC-17. Faith/Eliot. Faith and Eliot celebrate her thirtieth birthday.

On the Occasion of the First Day of the Fourth Decade of the Life of Faith the Vampire Slayer 5013 words; PG. Nate, Faith, an assortment of OFCs and OMCs. A look at the start of each decade of Faith’s life.

Endings and Beginnings 5976 words. PG-13. Nate, Faith, Giles, and a couple of bonus Slayers in Training. Nate decides to surprise his daughter for Christmas, and finds that she's been considering a life-change.

Hard Conversations 761 words; PG-13. Nate tries to understand Faith's feelings about a certain Sunnydale politician.

Happy Birthday...I Quit! 2824 words. PG Faith/Eliot, Nate, Sophie, Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles. Everybody in the world-wide Slayer organization is getting ready to celebrate Buffy's 30th birthday, and honor her as the oldest living Slayer in history. Except...the Slayer who actually holds that honor doesn't appreciate being overlooked.

Lay Down Your Arms 628 words PG. Giles, Faith. Faith is finally ready to walk away from her destiny.

On Heads and Hearts 3385 words R Faith/Eliot, Nate, Parker, Hardison. Parker interferes in a routine vampire patrol, with predictably disastrous results. Whump and angst aplenty, and Nate not at his best.

Taking a Bullet 954 words; PG-13. Nate, Eliot/Faith, Detective Bonnano. In the middle of a job about to go south, Faith takes an attack meant for Nate. Nate has to once again face the downside of his daughter being a superhero.

Beyond Threats and Recrimination 1167 words; PG-13. Nate, Sterling, Giles. Jim Sterling goes searching for information on Faith.

Reconciliation 2014 words R Team Fic, Lindsey McDonald. Christmas Eve becomes the perfect time for Lindsey to approach his brother, seeking a reconciliation after the events of "The End of Days Job".

Final Exam 1779 words. Hard PG-13, edging towards R. Faith/Eliot, Parker. It falls to Eliot to discover why Parker and Faith have suddenly been spending a lot of time together...and the answer is a long way from what anyone expected.

Dreaming of Ellie 9966 words. PG. Team, Faith, Moreau, and a cast of characters from Nate's past. Amidst memories of Nate's childhood with Faith's mother, Damien Moreau attempts to enact his revenge on Nate and the team.

Intervention - With Breakfast 877 words; PG-13. Faith/Eliot, Nate. Eliot forces Nate to start facing some of the more uncomfortable truths about his daughter's calling.

Gaining Perspective PG-13. Post-episode Nate and Faith conversation. Nate tries to discuss his concerns over how the rest of the team sees him, only to find Faith a less than sympathetic ear.

Spoilers for "The 10 L'il Grifters Job"

This is What a Father Does 3307 words; PG-13. Team + Faith, Jimmy Ford. Scenes in "The Radio Job" as they might have unfolded in The Ties That Bind Job 'Verse.

Spoilers for The Radio Job, natch.

In A Previous Life 2381 words; R. Nate, Sophie, Eliot, Faith, Jane, Frankie, Dubenich, Korsak, Frost. Victor Dubenich steps up his game, using a charge of murder to remove Faith from play.

Spoilers for The Last Dam Job.

Standing on the Ledge 3057 words; PG-13. Sterling, Team + Faith, Jane Rizzoli, Vincent Korsak, Barry Frost. Eliot appeals for help to the least likely source in order to get Faith to the dam in time.

Spoilers for The Last Dam Job.

Changing Course 685 words; PG. Faith/Eliot, Nate. After Faith is injured on patrol, Eliot ruminates on the evolving nature of their relationship.

Father's Day x 2 1785 words; PG. Team + Faith, George Lehane. Faith picks up a stalker, who turns out to be the last person she'd ever expected to see back in her life.

Her Best Interests 714 words; PG. Nate, Eliot, George Lehane. Nate and Eliot take Faith's stepfather for a talk.

Raising the Stakes 959 words; PG-13. Sophie, Hardison, Parker, OMC. When Nate, Eliot and Faith are kidnapped, it falls to Sophie to mastermind a rescue.

The Face in The Mirror 953 words; PG-13. Nate chases down Faith's step-father, intending to make him pay for his betrayal.

Scent of a Vampire 1656 words; Light R. Faith/Eliot, Nate, Spike. Events of The End of Days Job come back to haunt Nate once more - returning home late one night he's attacked by a vampire who is very attracted to something about Nate's smell.

The Let's Make a Deal Job ~34,000 words; R. Team + Faith. Deals are coming due, and the appearance in Boston of Sam and Dean Winchester sparks more chaos than the Leverage team is prepared to handle. As the team and Faith try to sort out the tangle of repressed memories and hidden backgrounds coming to light, they uncover a plot by the King of Hell to claim the soul of an honest man.

Co-authored with [ profile] hickumu.

Making Peace 1702 words; PG-13. Lindsey McDonald, Faith/Eliot. Lindsey goes to visit his twin brother following a supernatural accident.

Reaping Rewards 622 words; PG. Eliot Spencer. Eliot examines his body's new limitations following the events of The Let's Make a Deal Job.

Follow Me Down To Hell 1506 words; Light NC-17. Lindsey/Faith. Believing they've failed the people they love most, Lindsey and Faith drown their sorrows in each other.

Self-Destruction 1675 words; NC-17. Faith/Eliot, Lindsey. Eliot follows Faith to a nightclub intending to apologize for an earlier argument. He shows up in time to see Faith and Lindsey on the dance floor together.

Nobody Asks the Caregiver 1658 words; R. Eliot/Faith. Following the events of Self-Destruction, Eliot confronts Faith about the state of things between them and what ultimately drove her to have sex with Lindsey.

Fence Mending 951 words; PG-13. Nate, Eliot. Following the events of The Let's Make A Deal Job, Nate and Eliot meet to talk about Nate's damaged relationship with his daughter, and his guilt over how things have turned out.

Shared Past 1296 words; PG. Nate, Faith. Nate finally overcomes his grief, resentment and bruised ego after the events of the "Let's Make a Deal Job" to reach out to his estranged daughter.

Masters of the Universe 1110 words; PG-13. Giles, Lindsey. Unlikely allies Giles and Lindsey meet to discuss a way of changing the course of an apocalypse.

A Normal Homecoming 3530 words; PG. Faith/Eliot, with moments from assorted other family members. Eliot takes Faith home to meet his family.

The Fall Asleep Job 43,942 words; PG-13. Team + Faith, Giles, Lindsey McDonald, Topher Brink, Laurence Dominic. As Faith and Sophie continue to search for a way to release Nate from his deal with the King of Hell, other players on the cosmic stage believe they have the only solution to keep Nate's soul out of play and are willing to go to extraordinary means to make it happen.

Meantime, Parker's quest for a passion in her life is revealing hints of a darker past than most of the team has suspected before now.

Co-authored with [ profile] hickumu

Too Much At Stake 1170 words; NC-17. Nate & Faith/Eliot. Brutal deals are on the table, as one of Eliot's former clients holds Nate's life hostage against Faith and Eliot's cooperation.

Non-con, group sex, flashes of PTSD

What We Did Last Night 794 words; PG-13. Faith/Eliot. Faith and Eliot wake up in a room, covered in blood, with no memory of how they got there.

A Good Reason to Die, A Better One To Live ~2600 words; PG-13. Team + Faith. Back in Portland, Eliot is forced to face the fact that he can't hole up by himself in his apartment anymore while his wounds heal. Nate shares a few of his own terrifying observations (to Faith at least) with his daughter.

The Happiest of Endings 5385 words; PG-13. Team + Faith. How The Long Goodbye Job plays out with Faith in the mix.

Welcome to the Family 2050 words; G. Team + Faith + OMC. Parker & Hardison have a son. Well, sort of. However you slice it, Nate and Sophie hurry home to meet the newest member of the family.

Leverage v2.0 Reloaded Sort of a master post about the "next generation" and their attempts to enter the family business. Bios, graphics and a ficlet.

A Life's Work (From Generation to Generation) 4484 words; PG. Leverage Team, Faith Lehane, OMC, OFC, Olivia Sterling. Starts off as a standard case fic, but this time Leverage International finds themselves up against a new foe - one who knows them almost too well.

The Trials & Tribulations of Eliot Spencer, Father 2038 words: PG. Eliot, Parker, Hardison, Quinn & Eliot's daughter Hayley. Quinn's latest contract puts him at odds with Leverage International - again. This time he goes toe to toe with the team's grifter-in-training and learns first hand how over-protective a father Eliot can be.

Blown Away 6639 words; R. Team + Faith, Lindsey, the kids. Lindsey returns, looking for Eliot and Faith's help with a niece Eliot never knew he had - a girl in need of Faith's brand of assistance. Oh, and she's been arrested. For murder.

This is the Way the World Ends 1840 words; R. Faith/Eliot, Hardison. Following Nate's death, Eliot must stop Faith from a suicide mission of revenge.

Date: 2010-07-25 07:10 pm (UTC)
menomegirl: (Parker)
From: [personal profile] menomegirl
Hey sweetie. Are you going to add links to "Ace in the Hole" to this entry? That fic is part of thise 'verse, right?

Also, Lindsey's last name is spelled McDonald, not Macdonald. :)

Date: 2012-08-06 06:07 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] demonbrat_98
OMG - your fic just got mentioned at John Rogers blog (! In the question and answer post for Season 5, Episode 1, "Lydia" asked him
3. Since this season looks like it's going to be focusing on relationships, which non canon fan pairing has surprised you the most over the course of the show?
and his response:
3.) I don't read the fan pairings -- I know what's out there mostly from geek osmosis. But I think there's some Eliot/Maggie stuff kicking around. Or isn't there one where Faith form Buffy is Nate's daughter? That amuses me. The Supernatural crossovers are too easy.

Date: 2015-08-30 08:23 am (UTC)
idella: (ellen tigh)
From: [personal profile] idella
I just wanted to say that I listened to the stories in this series that have been podficced and very much enjoyed your world-building and characterisations :)


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