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Pairing: Sam/Sarah
Rating: G
Word Count: 266
Spoilers: Plot point in S4

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] woman_of_ as part of the Leverageland Halloween Gift Exchange.

Five years and God knew how many phones. Every time he'd gone through the annoying process of transferring his contacts, he'd looked at her number - wondering if this time he should finally face facts and delete it.

Something had always stayed his hand; some small spark of need that clung to the memory of her.

He'd never told Dean that he still had the number. It wasn't the sort of thing you dropped into casual conversation, and besides...he didn't know if the damned thing was still good.

She was the first one to reach down into the well of his grief over Jessica's death. Dean, Dad and the promise of revenge had given him a reason to go on.

Sarah had given him hope that one day his life might be more than those things.

Now, standing on the brink of the apocalypse - without Dean, without direction, and without the promise of anything but his destiny as Lucifer's "prom dress" stretching in front of him - Sam found himself thinking more and more of the girl with the bright eyes and dark hair. He'd told her the truth of his life once before. She'd been afraid, but she hadn't run.

He wondered if he could somehow repeat the miracle; if he could look into Sarah's eyes, tell her the truth, and have her understand. He wondered if she would have it in her to give him hope - the way she'd done so many years before.

"You'll never know until you try," he muttered, staring at the number on his phone and hitting "SEND".


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