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Characters: Crowley
Rating: PG
Word Count: 317
Spoilers: Minor for S5 and S6

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] sigrundora as part of Leverageland's Halloween Gift Exchange.

Feelings were damned inconvenient when you were a demon. Particularly when you were a demon on the rise like Crowley - it was all supposed to be hack, slash, kill-or-be-killed. No time or appreciation for the finer things life had to offer.

It was also inconvenient when you threw your pawns directly in harm's way and they refused to die. That's what pawns were supposed to do - that was why they existed.

And yet, not one but both of the Winchester boys had walked away from the killing field to be further pains in his ass. Being outmanuevered by two humans who on a good day couldn't find their backsides with a flashlight, both hands and a map really stung - he was going to have to do some serious spin control when he got home to keep that little tidbit under wraps.

Worst of all, they'd cost him the soul of someone interesting. Nobody really appreciated how rare that was. Human souls were the proverbial dime a dozen - any demon could get one if they were motivated enough.

He'd liked having Bobby Singer's soul. As much as he'd rolled his eyes and snarked at the old coot, watching Bobby work through different ideas to get Crowley to break their deal had been fun. You didn't see a lot of fun in Crowley's line of work.

Plus, the endless attempts to summon and trap him had been a good excuse to ditch out of the meetings and disciplinary actions that seemed determined to swallow his days whole.

Nothing to be done about it now. He'd bide his time and watch for his opening. The three hunters hadn't seen the last of Crowley, but he hadn't clawed his way to the top of the demonic food chain by being stupid or reckless.

When he sauntered back into their lives, it was going to be for good.


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